Project Description
PowerShell module(s) to simplify work in it. It contains PowerShell scripts, compiled libs and some formating files. Several modules will come in one batch as optional features.

This project is currently under development.
It's all tiny things I use daily when I work in PowerShell ISE.
It adds some functionality to this console/ editor and makes it more handy for me.

Hopefully few people will find it useful too. ;)

This project contains mainly PowerShell content at the moment, but there is small binary in one (the only one at this point) Sub-Module.
I may extend binary parts at one point, just because it's fun to play with C# ;)
My current plans include (see prototypes folder for them to grow):
  • some SQL support (probably will remove it from scope, with SqlISE already out-there)
  • more work on copy/paste (I want to have option to auto-wrap inserted text in predefined blocks)
  • some staff that will simplify ad-hoc modifications to ps1xml files (I will not extend support any further, someone already did it better in PowerShell SE)
  • add GUI for new files that will allow me to select new item type and apply some basic template

I also plan to extend PowerShell SE Sub-Module when new release of that editor will show up. :)

Not sure if that will all work out (time is money, and I'm not that rich... ;) )

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